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Model 30 A-Bat

Model 30 A-Bat


The Model 30 is a medium flared handle (.93”), medium to large barrel (2.52”) bat. Similar to the Model 71, the most noticeable feature of the Model 30 is the flared handle that makes the swing heavier at the handle than the barrel. As with the 71, the handle feels thick, not part of the other .93” models, and more comfortable for the bottom hand. The barrel is larger than the 71’s and feels it – contact is more solid, and the ball travels with more authority. The Model 30 is a lot of bat, and between the good-size barrel and handle, it swings heavier than its weight and is considerably slower than the 71. In the right strong hands, the 30 is capable of power hitting.

This bat is made from Hard Maple.

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