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Model 59 Stock

Model 59 Stock

The Model 59 is a thin handle (.90”), small barrel (2.45”) bat. The smallest, most controllable and easy to swing bat in the SBC line-up. The trade-off is that the small barrel doesn’t have enough wood for a hitter who wants to consistently hit with power. There will be some vibration as contact moves toward the bottom of the barrel. A balanced bat, the 59 swings lighter than its weight. A contact hitter who hits for average, looking for a thin handle, fast, controllable barrel bat should find the Model 59 the right one. No other SBC model comes close to the 59 in these areas.


Weight: -3

This is a stock bat. Stock Bats usually ship faster than custom bats. We recommend ordering a stock bat if you need a bat ASAP. Stock bats don't offer the same customization options as custom bats, but they are equal in quality. 


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