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Model 7 A-Bat

Model 7 A-Bat


The Model 7 is a thin handle (.90”), small barrel (2.48”) bat. A good contact hitter’s bat. Also, the gradual thinning of the barrel leaves enough wood on the barrel for power shots. There’s a little vibration when the ball makes contact toward the bottom of the barrel. Control and bat speed are excellent. A balanced bat, the 7 swings a little lighter than its weight. Unless a hitter has something specific in mind with a thin handle bat, such as a smaller or larger barrel, the Model 7 is the choice – it can do it all. Also, for players switching from metal to wood, the 7 could be a good first choice due to its small handle, and lighter and balanced swing. These qualities minimize the differences in swing sensation between metal and wood more than any other model.

This bat is made of Hard Maple.

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