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Model 71 A-Bat

Model 71 A-Bat


The Model 71 is a medium flared handle (.93”), medium barrel (2.51”) bat. The most noticeable feature of the Model 71 is the flared handle. The little extra wood at the base of the handle makes the 71 handle feel considerably thicker than its .93 inches. Compared to other .93” models (43, 56, and 58), the Model 71 handle feels bigger and not part of that group – closer to the Model 110. The flared handle is easy on the bottom hand for hitters who hold the bat at the very bottom. Swinging the 71, the barrel feels light while the handle heavy. Contact is solid with some vibration at the bottom of the barrel toward the handle. A versatile bat, good for contact hitters who also want power in a larger, heavier handle bat.

This bat is made of Hard Maple.

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