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Model 110 A-Bat

Model 110 A-Bat


The Model 110 is a large handle (.95”), medium to large barrel (2.52”) bat. The most noticeable feature of the 110 is the handle. The bottom of the .95” handle flares slightly where it meets the knob. This creates a noticeably thicker handle at that point on the bat. There’s a lot more to grip on the 110 handle than the Model 9, but significantly less than on either the flared handle models or the Models 61 and 10. The larger handle on the 110 seems to affect the swing, it feels handle-heavy. The 110 requires more hand, wrist, and arm strength than the Model 9. There’s enough wood on the barrel for solid contact to drive the ball with authority; however, there may be some vibration when contact is made towards the bottom of the barrel. For those hitters who like a thicker handle (but not very thick), medium to large barrel bat, the 110 could be a good choice.

This bat is made from Hard Maple.

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