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Model 9 A-Bat

Model 9 A-Bat


The Model 9 is a large handle (.95”), medium barrel (2.50”) bat. The Model 9 barrel, although medium in diameter, does not begin to narrow until well down toward the trademark. This leaves a lot of wood on a long portion of the barrel for solid contact and power. To look at the medium barrel 9, a hitter may not intuitively think that this bat can produce power; however, the long barrel makes it quite capable of hitting to all fields with authority. Although balanced, it swings a little heavy, but is easy to control and generate good bat speed. Some vibration is noticed when contact is made far down the barrel. The Model 9 is a sound choice for a hitter who doesn’t mind the little thicker handle, and wants control and power without the extra weight of a thicker barrel.

This bat is made of Hard Maple.

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