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Playoff Game…Score Tied…Bottom of Nine…Man on Third…Two Out…You’re Up…

Diggin’ into the box… Sun over left center field alley, hits you in the face…pants dirty…shirt turned to mud…helmet loose, gotta weigh 20 pounds (must have picked up the wrong one)…eye black running down the right side of your face…batting gloves sweaty, really had to rub mota to get locked to the bat. Catcher busy behind the dish, moving and slapping his mitt low and away…big ugly guy on the hump, needs a shave, throws BBs…ready to ring you up. Ball must have shrunk, looks like an aspirin…Third baseman hugging the Line…Shortstop shading to second…man, that’s a big gap between them…Third base coach barking at you, both dugouts yelling at you…fans screaming at you…can’t hear a word. Big guy starts his motion…here comes the heat…ball explodes from his hand…gonna be on the inside half of the plate…you’re sitting on it.

Right now, in your mind, only four things exist: Big Guy. His Ball. You. Your bat. You’ve got that taste in your mouth – the one you get just before you tattoo leather…just right! It’s the same taste we get every day at Prowoodbats as we build bats. We get only one chance to do it just right. Quality and service are a bat builder’s two most important products. It’s not good enough to build a premium product if the player has to wait 6-8 weeks to get it. We understand that when you order bats, you need them now. We understand that every time a player goes to the plate, it’s the most important at bat of his life, whether it’s Little League or Game 7 of the World Series. We, at Prowoodbats, go to the plate with you every time you get in the box. When you succeed, we take pride in that success. We understand that bats are like shoes and girlfriends, one size or shape doesn’t work for every player…

Prowoodbats uses only the best northern white ash or hard rock maple (sugar maple) to produce our bats. We take great care In the selection, storage, and drying of our wood before It goes to the lathe. The machinery we use is the most modem equipment available, allowing us to produce a consistent product.

Most Importantly, we understand that when you go to the plate with one of our bats, you are placing your trust In Prowoodbats. We take that very seriously. We understand how important that moment and that feeling is to


The bottom line… “We just plain love the game”.